About Tressa Berman, Ph.D.:  As your creative guide, I will introduce you to some of the tools and concepts I've developed from working with hundreds of creatives and thousands of students -- artists, writers, cultural creatives, and healers -- in more than three decades in the art world and inter-cultural creative spaces.  As a cultural anthropologist, author, poet, teacher, and art advisor working around the globe, my vision is to share what I've learned with other artists, writers, and creatives of all stripes, in order to co-create a more conscious, equitable, diverse, sustainable and beautiful world through creative connection.  (For more about me and this work, please visit www.transformational-creative-coaching.com.

Cost:  Sliding Scale.  Suggested Donation:  $20-$200. This Workshop is offered on a pay-what-you-can basis.  Please pay the maximum of what you can afford. Proceeds will help to fund a scholarship opportunity for a Fall/Winter 2021 residency at Dorland.    

This workshop is for you if you want to learn new transformational tools to help you move from where you are to where you want to be in your art form -- whether it is visual art, writing, or music. If you've ever felt “stuck,” or just don't know exactly what to do next, that's all it can take to feel like you're in “breakdown” – stalled or uncertain.  Or sometimes we've moved so far away from our creative calling, we don't realize that something is missing. Whatever is keeping you from starting, catalyzing, or finishing your creative project, I'm here to help. 

I bring to this work my passion for helping creatives to thrive, honed in more than three decades of teaching and guiding others in their unique creative paths. My intention is that this Workshop will introduce you to new ways of thinking about, feeling about, and recognizing your own saboteurs and obstacles – and help you to distinguish between these –  so that you can live into your fully-expressed creative self!

 Whether you're an advanced artist or practitioner, or just starting to claim your creative identity, wouldn't it be great to stop procrastinating, or putting your artistic projects last?  Or maybe you are doing just fine staying at your comfort level, but you know that you can expand beyond where you are to new heights and depths. If any of these are you, then this workshop is for you!

Who:   Dr. Tressa Berman (See bio below) 

When: Saturday, May 29, 10 am -12 pm Pacific Standard Time

Where:  in the Zoomosphere (Zoom link will be sent via email to registrants)

How:  Sign up below or contact Tressa at: tressa@transformational-creative-coaching.com

Live Your Fully-Expressed Self!

-- Transformational Creative Coaching Workshop 

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