Susan Mongomery has been writing, editing and publishing throughout her career. She has published several books, including What Really Matters Now, a photo gift book, which sold more than 30,000 copies worldwide and was produced with her photographer husband, Todd. Always a lover of the arts, Susan has also written two artists' biographies: In the Moment: The Life and Art of Schomer Lichtner and In Celebration: The Life and Art of Ruth Grotenrath. Both books were published by the Museum of Wisconsin Art and the University of Wisconsin Press. Susan now writes on the topics of food, wine, travel, lifestyle for various publications and websites, including her own site, Susan has a Master's Degree in Journalism from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is also on the Board of Directors of the International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association, where she holds the position of Treasurer. 

Paula Gray is a photographer, oil painter, mixed-media and embroidery artist. Born in Texas and strongly influenced by family trips traveling the Western States, she now lives in California.  She spent the majority of her work experience in high-tech companies traveling to over 40 countries and now assists clients who buy/sell homes and insurance. From photographer to oil painting her passion for creativity has led her to explore various media. Her oil paintings and commission pieces are in private collections in Hawaii, California and Arizona. 

Katinka Clementsmith works in two very distinct artistic styles. The offbeat, colorful portraits of her “Imaginary Friends,” series emphasis the uniqueness of individual personalities. The evocative, but simplistic “Silhouette Series,” tell stories with minimal detail.  Both series are expressive and use color as a means to communicate mood.  Katinka works in oil, acrylic and watercolor, often including mixed media. 

Multimedia artist, Angela Briggs creates personal shrines/spirit dolls, masks, prints, artist books, assemblage, instruments and public art. Signature pieces in Briggs repertoire of art to wear include her one of a kind Khatiti JuJu bags and jewelry, generally made from gourds, coconut shells, leather, bone, fiber and copper.  Her art was placed at the tomb of Kushite nobleman, Karakhamun on the West Bank of Luxor, Egypt. Over the past 45 years, Angela has worked with K-12 students and adults with disabilities, creating workshops that teach the history and traditions of African, Native American and Asian cultures at several school sites.  

Trond E. Hildahl has two degrees in the social sciences and is thus well prepared for his current profession in IT. He learned to read at age three and has had a book in his hand ever since. Born in Iowa and raised in Maine, he currently lives in Aguanga, California, with his artist wife and their two young boys. Trond’s short story First Date won second place in Running Scared, a 2015 online horror contest. He participated in the 2017 Writer’s Games team competition where his team, The Dark and Stormy Knights, took second place. 

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“Each painting is an emotional response to color…  real or imagined but always felt.”
Joe Oakes received a BFA from CSU Fullerton in 1997. His desire was to share something he loves and to inspire others to paint and create. Oakes has not looked back and has received numerous awards and recognition for his art. He continues to teach and exhibit throughout California and the southwest. He says, "All of us, in varying degrees, have become blind to the colors of our world. The mind dictates the color of things without true observation. Giving those colors back to each of us through painting is my goal."

When you see a photograph, you are looking through the eyes of the artist at a singular place and time.  Never to be exactly duplicated again.John Mazurek brings you the world through his eyes as you share the joy of nature, the treasure of a new location or the delight of a unique face. He began as a photographer as a young teen with his first 35mm camera. He learned the hidden secrets of the darkroom as the first image developed before him. After many years and thousands of images, he found a new way to express his art. The power of the computer finally balanced the capacity of film to accurately capture an image. Digital photography allows John the immediacy of the Polaroid and control and versatility unknown in traditional film technologies. Finally, with Photoshop he has a virtual "darkroom" to compose photos and create a final work of art. Digital photography has renewed this old photographer’s passion for his work and added years of enjoyment to his craft.

Wendy Hammarstrom has been involved in the art of mandala making since the 1970s when she ran a dance company in Philadelphia and taped mandala designs on the floor.  More recently she has been creating mandala coloring cards for children,  teaching in Escondido elementary schools and other venues, as well as creating on-site installations using rocks she finds locally. Her book Circles of Healing, The Complete Guide to Healing with Massage and Yoga includes her mandala images, and Circles of Healing Book 2 will feature her designs as well as her flower (mandala) photography.

Four of their stories are featured in the anthology 72 Hours of Insanity, Volume 3. He placed 5th out of over 2500 writers in the 2017 NYC Midnight Flash Fiction contest.  In 2018, he had three stories published in the anthology Writings to Stem Your Existential Dread.

Pamella Bowen is a native Californian who earned her B.A. and teaching credential in English from Cal Poly University, Pomona, then went on to teach for thirty-three years in various inland area high schools.  After retirement, she gladly put down her red pen and took up her laptop to write a novel, several pieces of non-fiction, poems and many song lyrics. Her latest venture is self-publishing several children’s books. She lives in Temecula and supports local songwriters and musicians by attending their gigs throughout the area.  

Kathy Stradley began her art journey in college obtaining a BA in Art from Cal State University Long Beach.  Her plans to become a book illustrator were put on hold at that time. She continued to use her creativity as an elementary school teacher, costume designer and dance instructor during her working life.  Retiring 9 years ago she began to pursue art full time. She has exhibited her work from Del Mar (at the San Diego County Fair) to Corona (at the Dos Lagos Art Show) and has received awards in various local art shows. Observing and painting the places and people of the Temecula Valley have given her plenty of inspiration to accomplish her goals. 

Odessa Cleveland, a talented poet, author and artist, continues to develop her skills as a writer and mosaic artist. She is a lifetime member of NEA, SAG/AFTRA and GLAWS.  She is a member of the Writers' Group in Temecula, California and a member of the Diamond Valley Writers' Guild as well as a member of SAMA. As an Associate artist of Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, she is writing another poetry book and creating mosaic art. Being a member of the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society, she has participated in the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and the Orange County Children’s Book Festival. Her published works include Water Colored Soul which acknowledges and rejects love, focuses on images of people in life, and deals with social issues. All books are available at 

The Associate Artists  are visual artists, writers, musicians, and supporters of the arts who meet to discuss, plan and implement activities that support Dorland, the regional arts community, and each other.

Melissa Beeson-Holmes, raised by an artist mom and a surfing couple, spent most weekends at San Onofre surfing beach, and vacations along streams and lakes fishing in the Sierras. Her love of water in all its form is a lifelong theme. It has been a source of endless fascination and enjoyment and it shows in her art. Her paintings make people feel her joy of water.

Lanie Galceran is a graduate of Cal State Long Beach with a B.A. in Drawing & Painting. She worked for 10 years as a Production Artist for the Shopper magazine and painted the Award Paintings for the Lompoc Marathon runners. She has shown her artwork in several galleries in Central and Southern CA. Also a writer of poetry, Lanie was presented with the Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry by The National Library of Poetry in 1993 and has recited her poetry in various local venues including Dorland Mt. Arts Colony. In addition, she enjoys photography, hand painting on silk, and the creation of mosaics and stained glass windows.

Pierre Mainguene is a Temecula artist painting with oils. He uses the usual subjects for his art: landscapes, still lifes, etc., But he particularly loves following in the footsteps of great masters and getting his inspiration from them. There is nothing like painting a Van Gogh or a Modigliani and being able to admire first-hand the genius of the great master hanging on your own wall. He enjoys doing portraits, but also keeps trying various styles. Art is a constantly evolving activity for Pierre. Trying new and different compositions is what keeps things interesting for him. 

Artist Sacha Hope is best known for her bright, cheerful and vibrant paintings. Her color choices and painting styles swing from Pop Art to Abstract to Post-Impressionism.  She is a British born transplant to the USA. Sacha currently resides in the rural high desert of Southern California, with her writer husband and their two young boys. She paints and teaches art lessons in her home studio as well as traveling locally to host paint classes and fundraising events. Sacha continues the fight to keep art in Public Schools, and volunteers much of her spare time to community outreach programs. “I paint, because it lets the sun shine through me!” 

Janice Cipriani-Willis is an accomplished watercolorist who lives and works at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony in Temecula. She began her art education by earning a B.A. in Fine Arts from California State University, Los Angeles. Traveling and observation have inspired Janice Cipriani-Willis to find and express in watercolor the subtle and often obscure beauty she has seen. Her current work has been inspired by watching people from all walks of life in situations that engender a range of human emotions.  Janice is a Signature member of the National Watercolor Society and of Watercolor West. Original works and giclee reproductions are available and can be seen by appointment at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, at the Brandon Art Gallery in Fallbrook CA.

Betty Pilley, Watercolor Artist and Instructor was born in Jefferson, Texas but spent most of her life in San Diego County. As a child, she showed an interest in art by her early attempts at sketching and painting. As a young adult, Betty enjoyed using her creative, artistic talents for various projects. Her love of nature has motivated her to focus mainly on landscapes but she also paints still-life and abstract, and has recently been taking a portrait class. Currently residing in Hemet, Betty has shown her work at the Hemet Valley Art Association Gallery, Brandon Gallery in Fallbrook, Santa Rosa Plateau, and Redlands Gallery. She has won awards at the Fallbrook Art Center, Redlands Gallery, and the Hemet Valley Art Association Gallery. She was named Hemet Valley Art Association’s Artist of the Year several times. Her lighthearted and fun-loving approach to life spills over into her classroom, encouraging and inspiring her students. 

Stephenie Bushra Khan was originally from Massachusetts and then married a man from Bangladesh, whose culture greatly influenced her poetry and art.  A converted Muslim, Ms Khan's art is suffused with Islamic mysticism or sufism. The women in her paintings are women dervishes..or mystics. All her paintings represent the worship of God in the New England woods and display the New England birds and flowers, where she sought refuge and the Oneness of God as a child. Her name Bushra is her Islamic name, which means the Gospel or good news and she seeks to express this concept in her art.

Michael Craig Carrier is a self taught artist of Anglo/Hispanic heritage. His family was a group of highly creative individuals, whose encouragement inspired him to develop my own artistic voice. He has worked in various LA area galleries including Sunyata Gallery and Don O' Melveny Gallery. He works as an artist maintaining studios Cedarpines Park, and Temecula CA and also works as a Licensed Painting Contractor. His Eco Art has been seen in over 2 dozen solo exhibitions and over a 100 group shows. Widely collected, his work has earned several awards, as well as two Museum Residencies. 

Raised in Southern California, Barbara Perryman’s passion has always been to create and she has sought to develop this passion throughout her life. She feels a certain energy while creating, that fails to come through any other way. When the viewer sees and feels this energy, she knows her work has a living, moving quality. Most of her work is inspired by the human figure in one way or another. Her motivation comes from those images that move her and sometimes from pure emotion. In either case, she seeks to capture her perceptions and their continuous movement. Although painting is her medium of choice, she also explores other mediums such as charcoal, pastel, graphite, and mixed media. She served as President of the Canyon Lake Arts Association in 2015 and 2016. Her exhibitions include several group and solo shows over the past 30 years.

Elissa Lieberman is a San Diego Based painter and owner of the San Diego Art Loft, a teaching studio in San Diego. Elissa received her M.F.A from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2002. She taught painting, drawing, and design at many colleges and universities as well as local studios and ateliers. Elissa managed the Art School for the San Diego Museum of Art in 2007/2008. Elissa opened the San Diego Art loft in 2015. A solo project, it was nominated in the top 5 art schools in San Diego by San Diego City Beat Magazine. Elissa’s paintings and drawings are loosely autobiographical. Her writing practice informs contemporary narratives and portraiture that offer her a subject matter that connects deeply with viewers. 

Noreen Ring graduated from USIU with a degree in International Business Administration and has a minor in Management from Palomar College. Her career was always focused on the textile industry as she worked for Crompton Company (US based manufacturer and exporter of corduroy and velveteen) for ten years as their International Operations Manager and then for Velcorex of France (largest textile manufacturer in Europe.) Noreen now shows her award winning textile collages in a variety of regional galleries and art shows with a nationally based collector following. She currently serves as the Director of Brandon Gallery in Fallbrook and is responsible for putting up six art shows per year at the Fallbrook Library. She is an artist/member of the Del Mar Art Center, a member of The Arts Colony in Corona, a member of the Ramona Art Guild, a member of Paradise Textile Artists.