‚ÄčJanice lives and works at Dorland Mountain Arts in Temecula. She began her art education by earning a B.A. in Fine Arts from CSULA and her work was shown at LA Artcore Gallery. Her current work has been inspired by watching people from all walks of life in situations that engender a range of human emotions. Janice is a Signature member of the National Watercolor Society and of Watercolor West. Original works and giclee reproductions are available and can be seen by appointment at Dorland Mountain Arts and at the Fallbrook Art Association Gallery in Fallbrook CA.

Dorland's team has changed over the years but remains composed of people who work and strive out of love of Dorland's artists, land, flora & fauna.

Robert Willis - The Soul of Dorland

A watercolorist, and a former Art Director and woodworking hobbyist, Robert Willis was a part of the original Dorland bohemian artist colony of friends and visitors when Ellen Dorland was still living in her beautiful wooden house, and playing her Steinway piano there. During the devastating fire of 2004, Robert parked his truck at the bottom of the hill, just across the way, and watched over the colony - he watched the seven original cottages explode, one-by-one. All through the fire he sat watch.

You'll see Robert about the colony day to day, teaching watercolor workshops, managing wood stoves, making some beautiful hand-painted signs for trails and cottages.  In a former life Robert lived in LA, had 6 kids, made art in France. Robert is married to our Executive Director Janice.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 6, Temecula, CA 92593  ~  Physical Address: 36701 Highway 79 South, Temecula, CA 92592
(951) 302-3837 ~ www.dorlandartscolony.org ~ info@dorlandartscolony.org
A California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Duchess - Our Protectress


Janice Cipriani-Willis

This is Duchess, the duchess of Dorland. She's the latest in a long tradition of "the colony dog" going back to those the Dorlands had in the 50s. Over the past 20 some years, we've had Shady, Buddy, and Leika. To many past residents the Dorland dog they knew is fondly remembered.

You'll probably be welcomed by Duchess upon arrival. If she greets you with a bark, don't be alarmed. She loves people. She'll be so happy to see you that her greeting may be a bit over-zealous. If she gets too excited, just put your hand out in a "stop sign" motion and say her name in a low voice.

She is known to "borrow" shoes or any personal items that might be left out on the porch. Let us know if you have any problems.

In deference to those with allergies, Duchess is not allowed in the cottages. To help her maintain her svelte figure, no snacks or treats, please.