Resident Musicians: Plan a mini-concert or practice that violin piece...

Resident Artists: Work in the Jane Culp Studio room. Rearrange tables and easels to suit your needs. 

Residents and Associate Artists are invited to use the CAC to offer arts, writing, music, and healing workshops and classes for the children and adults of our community. Let us know if you would like to plan a workshop during your stay.

Residents: You are Invited to Use the Community Arts Center

The Jane Culp Studio room provides a generous workplace for visual artists and is already being put to good use by resident artists. 

Workshops & Classes

Mailing address: P.O. Box 6, Temecula, CA 92593 ~ Physical Address: 36701 Highway 79 South, Temecula, CA 92592
(951) 302-3837 ~ ~
A California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

The main room and deck of this building provides a gathering place for Residents and Associate Artists. It also hosts communal meals and meetings. 

All Residents: Gather in the meeting room. Plan a potluck or share a glass of wine or sparkly water. 

Community Arts Center

The Residency Program offers secluded working retreats  for artists, writers, musicians, and composers.  In addition to working space within private cottages, the Dorland Arts Center provides additional studio and working space. 

Resident Writers:  Work at the large desk in the Dorland. Contribute to an interactive note on our Hermes typewriter, donated by Barbara DeMarco. Choose a Dorland authored book to read or look through a photograph book of the "old" Dorland by former resident Elliot Framan and a scrap book put together by resident Catharine Roth.

The Dorland's Community Arts Center (CAC) is open. With the assistance of Karen Parrott Cahill, the CAC building was donated by Stone Ridge Estates in Warner Springs. A generous donation from Dorland resident and artist Jane Culp, allowed us to build a ramp and large deck, expanding the art studio's use. These were designed and built by Bernal Construction. ADA Parking was instalIed by Peters Paving. The interior was restored and beautifully painted by Board Member Michael Carrier.

The room to the north is a library with comfortable chairs, a writing desk, and bookshelves of works by Dorland authors.