Transportation - Three options:​

  • Temecula Air Shuttle, a privately owned shuttle service, provides transfers between San Diego Airport, LA Airport and a designated drop-off location in Temecula. We will pick you up at that location if your arrival is between 9 am and 4 pm. For early or late arrivals, please have the shuttle bring you directly to Dorland.


  • Car rental or you can bring your own car.

Please note: Except for a once-a-week shopping trip to Temecula, Dorland does not provide transportation.
Airport Distances - San Diego to Dorland, about 65 miles or 1 ½ hour driving time. Los Angeles to Dorland, about 100 miles or 2 ½ hours driving time (add more time for rush hour: 5-9 am and 4-7 pm).

Shopping - If you choose not to rent a car, we will take you shopping on the way from your shuttle/bus arrival to Dorland. We can also take you into town once a week during your stay.

Smoking and Fires - Smoking is NOT permitted in any area of the 300-acre Dorland property including the cottages and all buildings. Starting a fire outside is also against the rules. Non-compliance will result in immediate termination of residency without a refund.

Socializing: There is usually a weekly “Meet and Greet” Fridays from 5-6pm in the Community Arts Center. You are encouraged but not required to bring a sample of your work for a 2-3 minute sharing. Bring a favorite food or beverage for yourself or to share if you wish. ---Residents may exchange cell# for texting one another regarding possible invitations. (e.g. for a hike or a “meet to watch the sunset,)  but unless prior mutual permission is granted, other residents should not be disturbed.

Special Medical Needs - There are no medical facilities or medical personnel on site. Complete medical care facilities, including a hospital, are all located in Temecula, a 15-minute drive away. Dorland does not provide insurance for medical needs.

Staff - Caretaker/artist-in-residence Robert Willis and his wife, director Janice Cipriani-Willis live on the premises and are usually available.


Acceptance - All applications are reviewed by a panel of arts and humanities professionals. Final acceptance of residency and duration is at the sole discretion of Dorland. You will be notified of your acceptance by email. The review process usually takes 1-2 weeks after receipt of the application and reference letters. 

Application Procedure

Read the Residency Information and Guidelines and look at the Cottage Availability page.

Preferred method of applying is via the onlineResidency Application form. If you choose to download and mail the application, Residency applications and supporting materials must be postmarked a minimum of 30 days prior to the requested dates. All applications are processed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Upon approval by the review board, a contract and request for a deposit will be sent to you. The return of the signed documents and deposit will secure your dates of residency.

This process usually takes 1-2 weeks.

You may make a reservation while applying. Please check the Cottage Availability page and email us at with 3 possible date/cottage possibilities. If a request is made for the period you selected, we will let you know. You can then decide to confirm or cancel your reservation.

Please note! Availability changes constantly and residency time slots often fill quickly.

Cancellation and Refund Policies - No refunds will be made within 60 days of the residency date, but you can reschedule based on availability. The rescheduling fee is $75. No refunds will be made for late arrival or early departure.

Cottage Selection – Please see the website page Cottage Availability.

Publicity - Dorland Mountain Arts retains the right to use residents’ name, pictures or visual images of their work for public relations and marketing materials. Dorland encourages and appreciates credit and publicity for any works created during your stay.

Residency Fees and Payment Information-

For specifics see the Cottage Availabilitywebsite page.
$40       Application fee (nonrefundable; first time residents only)
$100     Security deposit for 1 resident (if paying by check please use date of your first day of residency)

$150     Security deposit for 2 residents/cottage (if paying by check please use date of your first day of residency)
$325-625  Per week (7 nights)

Discount: Four weeks (28 nights) (See Cottage Availability)

Paying Residency fees

  • Pay with credit card or Paypal using our website page:  (scroll down the page until you see "Pay Residency Fee Here.)
  • Click on the "Buy Now" yellow button, and a new window will appear. There, you may enter the amount on the field that says: "Price per item" (click on that field to enter the dollar amount needed)
  • Make checks payable to Dorland. 


Cottage Supplies:

  • sheets and towels
  • windows with screens and blinds that provide good ventilation.
  • a single window air conditioning unit and a standing fan
  • small appliances including coffee pot for flat bottom filters, rice cooker, blender, toaster, dishes, pots, pans, etc.
  • a minimum starter of basic needs such as some condiments, toilet paper, trash bags, paper towels, cleaning supplies. You may bring more supplies or purchase in town.
  • a cottage notebook containing information regarding safety, flora and fauna, the grounds, trails, and community amenities.
  • a key is provided to your cottage at registration and we recommend you lock your cottage when you go for a walk on the grounds or leave the property.

Cottage Supplies available on request

  • easels and tarps,

  • keyboard and music stand

You should bring:

  • Sturdy shoes, flashlight, personal items

Laundry - There is a washing machine and clothesline on the premises available for longer stays. Please "make an appointment" by texting Janice a day ahead.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 6, Temecula, CA 92593  ~  Physical Address: 36701 Highway 79 South, Temecula, CA 92592
(951) 302-3837 ~ ~
A California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Guests, spouses, visitors

  • Collaborators - A spouse or partner may stay with you at Dorland. That person must also submit a residency application and pay an additional fee of 1/2 the residency fee. On the application they will need to fill out the following: “Personal Information” and “Emergency Contact.” They will also need to sign the “Agreements” section.
  • A working artist collaborator must fill out the entire residency application and submit work samples and pay an additional fee of 1/2 the residency fee.
  • Overnight Guests - Visitors or guests of only few nights are also welcome. Notify caretaker/manager 48 hrs. in advance with the guest name and contact info and pay a fee upon arrival of $40/per person per night. Note: A variety of hotels and motels are available in Temecula.
  • For scenarios involving more than one partner (a whole family for example), please contact us with your specific situation. Options can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Day Visitors - If Resident has guests on the property, the caretaker and/or manager need to be notified 48 hrs. in advance with the guest(s) names and contact info. 
  • All visitors will respect Dorland as a working retreat. 

Personal Property- The resident is responsible for packing artwork and personal property and removing it from the cottage by the end of the residency period. Dorland is unable to store, warehouse, or be responsible for shipping any artwork or personal property left by the resident.

Pets- Pets are not allowed in the cottages.

Resident Privacy - As a colony, a sense of community is encouraged with respect for each individual’s pursuit of creative work. However, resident agrees to respect the privacy of onsite staff and other residents.

Shipping and Mail (Important!) -

For the US Mail you MUST use P.O. Box 6, Temecula CA 92593. (There is NO mail delivery to the physical address.)

Mailing Address for regular mail:
PO Box 6, Temecula, 92593

For Shipments, the PO Box is the first & best choice.

If the sender won't accept PO Box delivery, then use the Physical Address. However, you need to be ABSOLUTELY sure they will send it via UPS GROUND or FEDEX GROUND. If they send it UPS/post or FedEx/post, it will be returned to the sender.  

Physical Address (No mail):
36701 Hwy 79 South, Temecula, CA 92592

Please, let us know how many packages to expect and approximately when they will arrive.

Recreation/Swimming - Here are two links with info about outdoor pools in Temecula. You don't have to be a resident. If you're not a resident I think that it will just cost $5 instead of $1.  

Elim Hot Springs

Participants are responsible for: travel and shipping expenses to and from Dorland as well as personal and art-related expenses during their stay. 

Upon acceptance: you will receive a contract by email with residency and payment details.

Requirements to secure residency dates:
1) a nonrefundable payment of ⅓ of the total residency fee (or full payment for residencies of 1 week or less), 
2) the $100 security deposit 
3) the signed Residency Contract.

Full payment of residency fees is due 60 days before your arrival date.


Access to Cottages
- The director, staff, caretakers, volunteers and hired maintenance contractors are allowed access to cottages when necessary for emergency situations.

Amenities - Various facilities are available in nearby Temecula (a 15-minute drive) including grocery stores, Saturday morning farmers’ market, pharmacies, laundry facilities, yoga studios, art supply stores, parks, theaters, restaurants, shopping malls, antique stores, etc. Approximately 30 wineries with tasting rooms are located in the area.

Laundry - There is a washing machine and clothesline on the premises available for longer stays. Arrange via text to Janice for use. 

Art Supplies - We have easels and tarps available. No other supplies related to your specific art are provided.

Check In/Out Time - Your cottage will be ready by 2 pm the day of your arrival. Checkout time is 11 am on departure day.

Community - No services are required of residents during their stay. However, Dorland welcomes residents’ participation in our annual Open Studios and other public events. Local community interaction is welcomed and encouraged, as is volunteer assistance with stacking firewood and clearing trails

Cottage Maintenance and Cleaning - In our effort to keep costs as low as possible we ask that departing residents clean the cottage and return the space to the condition in which it was found at the beginning of the residency. You will be provided with a check-out list when you arrive. Feel free to pin or tape work-in-progress to the walls, but please do not paint on the walls or on anything else on the property. Do not use or leave indoor furniture outside. If you have rearranged furniture or other items in the cottages, please return them to their original placement.

Dorland Physical Property Disclaimer - Resident understands that Dorland is a 300-acre mountainous property, and that with the exception of Dorland’s access road, pathways and other roads are not paved and have uneven surfaces. Dorland is home to a large variety of flora (including poison oak,) fauna, insects, snakes (including rattlesnakes), lizards, coyotes, foxes, ground squirrels, rabbits, mice, bobcats, mountain lions, and other animals indigenous to the Temecula Valley. There are two small bodies of water on the property, a Reflection Pond and Lake Ticañu, the latter of which is approximately 20 feet deep.

Facilities - Residents are housed in one of five furnished cottages. These independent units include a fully equipped kitchen, a full bathroom with tub and/or shower, a workroom/living area (2 cottages have a wood-burning stove with wood furnished by Dorland), and a covered porch with magnificent mountain, canyon, or Temecula Valley views. ---Each cottage includes a single-window air conditioning unit and a standing fan. Windows with screens and blinds provide good ventilation.---

You will be provided with a minimum starter of basic needs including sheets, towels, some condiments, toilet paper, trash bags, paper towels, and cleaning supplies. You may bring more supplies or purchase them in town.

Two cottages (Horton and Zachai) have baby grand pianos. 

A key to your cottage is provided at registration, and we recommend you lock it when you go for a walk on the grounds or leave the property.

Furniture - Each cottage is furnished with an easy chair and tables. Markham has a queen bed, Horton a full bed, while Zachai and Connors have twin beds and a pull-out trundle.

Kitchen and Meals - The program does not include meals. Kitchens have a full-size refrigerator, stovetop, oven and/or microwave-convection oven, coffee pot, blender, toaster, dishes, pots, pans, etc.

Internet, Cell Phones and Office Services - Free internet is available in the cottages. Most cell phones have good reception. Limited printing is available in the Community Arts Center. For more than 10 pages, there is a requested donation of $.10/page.

Grounds and Trails - There is a reflecting pond, a small lake, and a few short walking trails on the property. A hiking stick, cell phone, long pants, and sturdy shoes are recommended due to rough ground and brush. Longer trails are available within a few miles. 


  • The Residency- Dorland Mountain Arts is an artist retreat comprised of 5 independent cottages set in picturesque natural surroundings on 300 acres along a northern ridge of the Palomar Mountain range overlooking the Temecula Valley in Riverside County, California. It is located about 65 miles north of San Diego and 100 miles southeast of Los Angeles.
  • Dorland offers year-round professional development residencies for artists, writers, musicians, composers, and photographers.  

The Cottages:

  • Duration of Residency - Residency proposals may be as short as one week or as long as two months.

  • Eligibility - Artistic merit and promise are the basis for eligibility. All artists ages 21 and over who desire time alone in an undisturbed setting to pursue creative work are encouraged to apply. Any artist, from anywhere in the world is eligible. Basic English language skills are required.